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Joseph Trombatore, July 09, 2015

America – please!

The interview on Fox News this morning  July 30, 2015 with Joe Deters (Prosecutor Hamilton County Ohio) was a joke and statement made by Deter were prejudice and bias which only can result in a miscarriage of justice in regards to Officer Ray Tensing’s defense.

Samuel DuBose was pulled over on a legal traffic stop and clearly would not comply with any of Officer Ray Tensing questions or demands. What was Samuel DuBose hiding?  DuBose even stated he had no license on him which is another violation he could have been charged with.

Statements from Deters like “he intentionally shot him in the head” is nothing less than reckless and inflammatory, because the body cam video clearly shows Officer Ray Tensing pulling away and falling backwards which resulted in his weapon that he pulled feeling he was in danger (because of an non-compliant person attempting to leave the scene) to rise up as the Samuel DuBose fell back in his seat thus changing the trajectory of the projectile from the weapon.

The Body Cam of Officer Ray Tensing clearly shows the suspect Samuel DuBose refusing to cooperate, and just before he was shot he clearly started or put the vehicle in gear (check his hand on the steering column) in an attempt to leave the scene thus putting Officer Ray Tensing in jeopardy of being harmed or killed by the vehicle.

We need to address the agenda in this country of individuals not respecting the authority of a Police Officer and continuing to become aggressive when confronted on a legal stop no matter how trivial it may seem to them.

This is an agenda being fueled be the activist that only continues to stir up racial overtones and the extent of media coverage is only putting our Police and this country at risk.

Joe Deters needs to look at this video carefully and stop trying to get votes because this is a virus spreading uncontrolled throughout this country that has to be eliminated before we all lose.  This is not a time to be politically correct issue because our Police will suffer by your actions to make it one.

When will a Prosecutor “Grow Some" and “tell it like it is” and put this rebellion to an end.