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Joseph Trombatore, July 09, 2015

America please!

Just saw a story on Happening Now about this story and a contributor Rebecca Legrand (Trial Attorney) said we don't know the facts of this case...

Well FYI... The facts are this was an Illegal Alien with 7 Felony convictions that keeps getting departed and keeps returning to the US in cities full of liberals that live on politically correct values that are not only bringing down the United States of America but are causing pain, suffering and death of our citizens without justice...

If you are an Illegal Alien involved in a Felony the sentence for the first offense should be Death with no appeals period...

If you are an Illegal Alien and you are involved is a Misdemeanor we should build a massive prison in Death Valley that is solar powered with well water and they should be air dropped in it for life... No way out and mine fields surrounding it completely and a Marine Base and Range there for Target Practice in the event one escapes..

Welcome to America if you don't come here the Right WAY!!!

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