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I personally was on the sidelines and saw the 2nd referee approach the officer and believe the aggression was initiated by the officer more than the referee. The referee was also walking away but the officer lunged at him while additional officers converged.

The sidelines were lined by mostly individuals wearing St. Paul Alumni clothing and even members of the press were being obstructed by their presence in the area. These individuals remained and were never moved (or asked to by anyone) that this reporter witnessed.

I did witness at halftime a member of the Covington Police Department walk up to three individuals on the Mandeville sidelines in the stands that were sitting on the rail with their back to the field reach up and push them off the rail with his hand on their buttocks then walk away not saying a single word to them. One was the Band Director of Mandeville, one a band member parent and the other a Mandeville Student... I noticed it because he seemed arrogant while pushing the individuals mainly because I personally felt touching them was not necessary... He chose not to ask them not to sit on the rail... thus exerting his authority.

The request to move the Alumni was for the safety of both themselves and the players... The game belongs to the players, not those who long to live through them for times past.

This reporter will not return to the sidelines at St. Paul's... there are better venues to document and report on.. ones that let the players play and egos remain outside the gate. Delaying it for 20 minutes to have a measuring contest I sincerely believe changed the outcome.

Remember, "with great power comes great responsibility!' Abuse of power only results in our right to "freedom of speech!"

Mandeville HS  vs St. Paul HS -  2 Referees Arrested Friday October 11, 2013